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CBN - Cleaning for your Health, Safety, and Security

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CBN Building Maintenance – providing commercial cleaning service, Valley-wide, since 1974


Janitorial service from one to seven nights per week; any size facility.  Periodic services (buffing and refinishing, carpet cleaning, window washing) included at no added cost.  Full-service commercial cleaning available Valley-wide: Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Glendale, Peoria, Sun City, Goodyear, Gilbert, Apache Junction and Chandler – the entire metro area.

Health: Indoor Air Quality improved with HEPA filtered vacuums and microfiber technology; office cleaning includes touch-point sanitation throughout, plus rest room and lunch room disinfection – all to benefit your health;
Careful chemical selection, OSHA compliance, non-skid floor finish – all to keep you safe;
Full personnel ID verification & backgrounding, key security, insurance and bonding – to keep your facility secure;
Regular daytime customer service visits and post-job inspections, quality logs, personnel training and ongoing training refreshment – to ensure quality;
Our   Environment:
Green Seal chemicals and recycled restroom paper products, recycling, and energy efficiency programs – to the benefit of our environment.
Commitment   and Stability:

•  Greenguard Environmental Institute certified

•  Only service contractor USGBC member in Arizona

• Only Immigration & Customs Enforcement IMAGE certified janitorial firm in Arizona; one of two in the US

•  Most certified BSCAI executives/managers of any Arizona firm

•  Longest serving BBB and Chamber of Commerce janitorial member in the Valley

Locally owned and managed. No long-term contract required.
Call today. You have nothing to lose but your dirt.

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