In 1947, the original house was purchased by Rudolph and Mary Schweinfurth and converted into apartments (two on the first floor, three on the second).

A roughly 6' by 10' two-story addition in the northeast corner accommodated one new bathroom per floor. The original one-over-one double hung window to the north of the fireplace was replaced with a door. Upstairs, the wall between the east bedroom and it's sleeping porch was removed, resulting in a 3" to 4" sag in the ceiling (the joists run north and south, a 24' span; there is an original truss in the attic 8' north of the south wall, but nothing comparable over the wall that was removed). A wall was then constructed about 4' south of the former wall, under the already sagging ceiling.

The western face of the southwest downstairs (the pergola along the drive) was enclosed, as were the two upstairs sleeping porches. Bathrooms were added in the utility porch and the southwest upstairs bedroom closet.

The 1947 Sanborn map shows the garage as a 2 story; the bottom floor (at least) was converted to an apartment in 1960 (an exterior staircase was either rebuilt or added). Damaged by a fire, the entire structure was demolished during the 1985 remodel.