In 1982-83 documentation assembled by a team of local volunteers and architect Gerald A. Doyle led to the Roosevelt Neighborhood's designation as Phoenix's first historical district.

The neighborhood map and individual property inventory indicate the L. L. Steward house is eligible for inclusion on the National Historic Register, the only such building on the block.

The Roosevelt Neighborhood's Significance to Phoenix

As with other historic districts in the city, the development of the Roosevelt Neighborhood provides physical expression of the early growth of Phoenix. Within it are buildings which are both historically and architecturally important because they represent many important milestones in the evolution of our present community. From its rise as an affluent "streetcar suburb", to its development associated with early tourism, to its designation as the first historic district in Phoenix, the Roosevelt Neighborhood continues to play a significant role in the history of Phoenix. As an intact collection of early twentieth century architecture, it contributes to the visual diversity and character of the historic heart of our community.

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