The 1985 office remodel featured a front lawn and a young mesquite tree in the front yard to the west of the center walkway; additionally, a volunteer mesquite now grows just east of the center walkway out against the sidewalk. Several palo verdes were planted shortly after, with at least seven now providing welcome shade around the back parking lot. Splashes of vibrant color were provided by a number of bougainvilleas planted in front and around the rear parking area. Aloe and other bedding plants have filled in over the years to provide seasonal spikes of color.

In 1991, the front lawn was replaced with granite. Plantings featured desert landscaping, seasonal wildflowers, a number of sweet acacias, green cloud sage, with a handsome green-skinned palo brea, and rosemary around a large granite boulder.

In the late '90's, a front lawn was replanted. White and red roses have been planted in front, and the bougainvillea from the front fence line were transplanted to the back yard. Annuals now line the front fence line, allowing a sight line to the street. Dwarf pomegranates, among other perennials, have been planted to soften the cinder block wall to the east side of the house. Hibiscus and callas adorn the planters either side of the front door, and verbena fill the planters lining the upstairs deck.