Returning the L. L. Steward House to its Former Glory

In an effort to verify our suppositions about the form, function, and appearance of the original layout of the building, we have searched public archives and contacted the descendants of earlier owners of the property, searching for any pre-war documentation or photographs of the building.

L. L. & Mary Steward - March 9 1914

There is considerable information to be found on the Steward family, due in part to his relatively high profile and also to the less popular spelling of L. L.'s surname. However, there were few descendants, and none so far has been much help in locating any extant photographs of either the 522 house or of Mr. Steward himself. Russell Peabody was the son of Mary Peabody, and L. L. Steward's stepson. We did track down one of Mr. Peabody's nieces, Ms. Mary Matilsky, living in Peoria, AZ. She did not have any documentation of the 522 Bldg, but connected me with Russell's son, Chuck Peabody, an insurance agent in Phoenix. Bob Croft had a brief meeting with Chuck at a north Phoenix yard sale in the Fall of 2006. Chuck stated that he was quite certain that he did not have any photos of the 522 residence, and was pretty certain that no one else in the family did either. L. L. Steward Jr. was referenced as a delegate to the 1956 Democratic National Convention from Arizona

Thomas & Annie Tayrien - March 8, 1926

David Tayrien

When doing an internet search for the name Tayrien along with the locator of Phoenix, I pulled the name of David Tayrien, of Mesa car insurance - Arizona.

As it turned out, David no longer lives in Arizona, but has moved his practice to Oklahoma. He had the telephone number of, and was kind enough to refer me to his sister, Jacque ("the genealogist fo the family").

Jacque Tayrien

After several attempts, I was able to reach Jacque, who told me that she was in the middle of remodeling her kitchen, and all of the old family photographs were beneath the items she had removed from the kitchen prior to the repairs. She promised to get back to me as soon as she was able to get to the photos.

Davena Tayrien

I called back several weeks later, and was lucky enough to have called while Jacque was entertaining her mother (), from Salt Lake City, who "should have a better handle on whether the family had ever lived on Roosevelt St.".

Unfortunately, Jacque's mom did not recall any such thing. I e-mailed photos of the 522 building to her, but the images did not jog her memory of any old family photos.

Dr. Richard Tayrien

I also discovered an internet link to a Dr. Richard Tayrien, who practiced at St. Joseph's Hospital:

I spoke with his receptionist, Carmen, in mid November. She informed me that Dr. Tayrien was out of town and would be until December 14. I called back several times, reaching her again on December 26, only to be told that he was again out of town and would return on January 2, 2007, at which time she (Carmen) would be unavailable. She promised to put us together on her return, January 8.

Carmen did inform me that Dr. Tayrien had commented that he did not believe that he had any old family photos, and did not recall any mention of an old house on Roosevelt as being in his family history.

1926 Phoenix City Directory

Tayrien Thos (Annie) h 522 W, Roosevelt

Dr. E. L. & Evaline C. Hicks - August 27, 1928

The Hicks seem to be the highest profile owners. Dr. Hicks moved here from New York City, where he lived, according to the 1910 census, in a home just off Central Park, between the American Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Ernest arrived in Phoenix shortly after completing the construction and staffing of a hospital in Tampico, Mexico for Standard Oil Co. This project was completed about the time his brother, Clarence, was employed by Standard Oil. We have a copy of the ships manifest listing U. S. citizens.

History of Arizona - Biographical - Volume IV (1930 ed.)

The article indicates that Dr. & Mrs. Hicks had "no children of their own, but have reared four children". One would assume they were adopted; judging by his date of birth and the date of his move to Arizona, the children would most likely have been left as adults in New York.

1920 Census

The 1920 Census indicates that Dr. & Mrs. Hicks living at 520 W. Portland with Mrs. Hicks' sister and her husband (John and Pauline Kellogg) along with a Bradford Bailey, six years of age, named as a "nephew" of the Kelloggs. No further information has been found on Bradford.

1926 Phoenix City Directory

Ernest L (Evaline) phys 125 W. Monroe R 137 325 E. Portland

1930 Census

The 1930 census shows Dr. & Mrs. Hicks living

1931 Phoenix City Directory

Ernest L. (Evaline C.) phys h 522 W. Roosevelt

1938 Phoenix City Directory

Hicks Ernest L (Evaline C) physician and surgeon Physicians Bldg 125 W. Monroe Tel 4-2500 h522 W. Roosevelt Tel 3-3822

AZ State Dept of Health - Death Certificate - May 27, 1942

Obituary - AZ Republic - May 31, 1942

Dr. Hicks was survived by his wife, Evaline, who also passed within a couple years, and his brother, Clarence J. Hicks, who was involved in Industrial Relations, most notably working with John D. Rockefeller and Standard Oil Co.

Clarence was a published author in his field of expertise, and established trusts to finance scholarships at several eastern universities. Among them:

  • Queens University (Ottawa)
  • The Clarence J. Hicks Fellowship in Industrial Relations was founded by friends of the late Clarence J. Hicks, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Industrial Relations Counselors Inc., New York City, and pioneer in the field of industrial relations through whose leadership and assistance the Industrial Relations Section was established at Queen's University in 1937. The fellowship is awarded annually for graduate study or research in industrial relations at Queen's University. (Value varies)
  • Princeton University
  • Clarence J. Hicks Memorial Fellowship in Industrial Relations. Founded in 1946 by the trustees of Industrial Relations Counselors, Inc., and derived from the gifts of individuals and corporations in recognition of the vision and leadership of the late Clarence J. Hicks in promoting better teaching, research, and practice in the profession of industrial relations.

The purpose of this fellowship is to enable a qualified individual to undertake the study of industrial relations in accordance with a program approved by the director of the Industrial Relations Section and, preferably, to allow the fellow to divide time between study and research at Princeton and field work in industry.

Evaline Hicks - November, 1942

After Dr. Hicks' passing, Evaline moved to 310 E. Coronado, near the Phoenix Public Library (now the Phoenix Art Museum). Evaline passed within a couple years of her husband.

Phoenix City Directory

Hicks, Evaline C Mrs. R310 E. Coronado Rd

S. F. & Mata Isley - April 9, 1943

Mata Isley - October 4, 1944

Margaret Selby - April 24, 1945

Rudolph & Mary Schweinfurth - May 22, 1947

1948-49 Phoenix City Directory

Chicagoan Hotel Rudolph Schweinfurth mgr 522 W. Roosevelt

We have been unable, to this point, to uncover any information on either the Isleys or on Ms. Selby. Very little information is extant on the Schweinfurths.

Postwar Ownership

There wasn't much reason to contact the owners after the conversion of the structure to multi-tenant status; it seemed highly unlikely that any would have historic photographs of the building.

No attempts were made to contact these owners, other than a descendent of Clifford and Sarah Arnold, who we were told (incorrectly) possessed video footage from a commercial aired on KTVK, Channel 5 advertising the airing of syndicated "Hill Street Blues" segments. The commercial was shot using the newly renovated Steward house as a backdrop.

1956 Phoenix City Directory

The 1956 Phoenix City Directory lists the following for 522 W. Roosevelt:

Strait Apts

  • 1 Passmore James AL 4-8935
  • 2 Devereaux C E
  • 3 Vacant
  • 4 Collings Collette AL 2-3745


Ownership of the Steward House

Owner ----------------------------------------------- Purchase Date:

L. L. & Mary Steward ---------------------------- March 9 1915
Quit Claimed to Annie Tayrien ----------------- May 16, 1928
E. L. & Evaline Hicks ---------------------------- August 27, 1928
Evaline Hicks -------------------------------------- November, 1942
S. F. & Mata Isley -------------------------------- April 9, 1943
Mata Isley ------------------------------------------ October 4, 1944
Margaret Selby ------------------------------------ April 24, 1945
Rudolph & Mary Schweinfurth ----------------- May 22, 1947
James & Lillian Pasmore ------------------------ October 18, 1949
Otto & May Van Duyne ------------------------- April 7, 1954
Lillian Pasmore ----------------------------------- None listed
Tracy & Dorothy Williams
  and Paul & Beth Stansbury -------------------- December 22, 1958
Floy Bradley --------------------------------------- January 4, 1960
Quit claim to Williams/Stansbury -------------- January 4, 1960
Charles & Marjorie Carlisle --------------------- August 12, 1964
Clifford & Sarah Arnold ------------------------- November 4, 1966
Landsakes, Inc. ------------------------------------ October, 30, 1970
Quit Claimed to C. & S. Arnold ---------------- None listed
Robert & Ruby Day ------------------------------ November 13, 1970
D. P. Galbreath ------------------------------------ March 18, 1971
Robert Kay ----------------------------------------- August 2, 1971
Cecil L. Coker ------------------------------------- August 30, 1971
Ted & Pat King ------------------------------------ October 15, 1971
American Housing, Inc. -------------------------- December 17, 1971
Louis & Roca -------------------------------------- August 10, 1972
Richard & Katherine Wall ----------------------- February 19, 1974
Arnolds to Don & Helen Harrison -------------- July 16, 1982
Robert Everhart & Jerry Smithson -------------- September 27, 1983
Quit Claim to D. & H. Harrison ----------------- June 11, 1984
Jacqueline Rich & Mary Chrisney -------------- October 1, 1984
Jackie Rich ----------------------------------------- March 31, 1991
Charles Aldini ------------------------------------- January 30, 1991
Robert A. Croft ------------------------------------ January 26, 1996